Sign Pricing Program – QUICK QUOTE (Instant Download)

QUICK-QUOTE SIGN PRICING SPREADSHEET(see picture of program below) Now includes our free Sign Shop Marketing Guide !

Note – Sign Calc prints quotes and invoices whereas Quick Quote does not. However, Quick Quote pricing is more detailed.

This program is available as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD and is easily installed and ready to use in minutes. Along with the program are instructions on how to install and use the software and how to easily edit data to customize the program to your market. This is a program that no sign shop should be without.

The cost of the program is $24.99. When you order online with paypal you will immediately be sent to a folder that will contain the zip file for the program. Simply download the file to your desktop and extract it and you are ready to start pricing signs.

As a bonus, when you order our Quick Quote spreadsheet you will be able to download our Signcalc spreadsheet for free!  There is no need to order both.  If you have any questions you can email me at or call 850-934-3157.

To order our Quickquote Pricing Spreadsheet for $24.99 with a paypal click below:


After paying your will be taken to a download page where you can download the Quickquote and Signcalc files.

Some of the updates to our Quick Quote program are:

-New easier to use layout. We have updated the layout to make Quick Quote even easier to use than before.  The program runs on Windows 95,98,2000,XP,Vista or Windows 7 and will run on a Macintosh if the Mac has Excel installed. Windows users do not need Excel since the package comes with a shareware spreadsheet reader for Windows.

-New sign categories. We now have more sign categories as well as an additional line labeled “other” that can be used for an additional category of your choice. Everything is already set up. Just enter the type of sign and then enter the factors for that sign in the input area. Takes only seconds.

-Letter size calculator designed to calculate the size letter needed for maximum impact. You simply enter the distance that the reader will be from the sign and the program gives you the minimum letter size necessary and the size needed for maximum impact.

-Marketing Effectiveness Analysis Module. Enter the number of people who found you using the yellow pages, newspaper, word of mouth, signs etc.. and the program will give you the percentage of your total traffic that each category brings in. This is a great tool when budgeting your advertising dollars.

-Labor Plus Materials Calculator. Using this calculator you can quickly price literally any job. All you need to know is how much your materials will cost you and how many minutes it will take you to do the job. The spreadsheet applies a multiplier to the materials and adds a labor charge to arrive at a final price. It is a fool proof pricing method. I use it as a backup for anything that cannot be priced using square foot values.

Here is some more information on our program:

One of the most tedious tasks in signmaking is the calculation of prices for customers. While the customer waits the signmaker has to fumble through little books and use a hand calculator in an attempt to calculate a price. If the customer then asks for the sign to be priced a different way, they have to go through the whole routine again. Often this process makes the signmaker look uncertain of themselves. Additionally, prices are often quoted too high or low resulting in either a lost customer or lost money.

We have developed an easy to use sign pricing program that makes pricing signs, banners, vinyl lettering jobs and digital printing work as easy as 123. To use the program you simply enter the square footage of your sign or the number of letters you are cutting and let the program do the rest. The program will price a specific sign 5 different ways for you. For digital prints or vinyl graphics you simply enter the dimensions of the print or graphic and the program will price the graphic 7 different ways instantly. The program takes only seconds to pull up and only a split second to calculate a sign price. Best of all the program allows you to edit prices to match your market. The default prices in the program are taken from national averages.

The software is broken down into 4 sections; most common signs, vinyl lettering, graphics and artwork, and digital printing. Within these sections each sign type is priced instantly several ways giving you all the information you need to quickly respond to your customer.

The program is written using an excel spreadsheet format so the user can see everything that is going on at one time. For example, when you enter the square footage for a banner you are instantly given the price for that banner using 10 oz material, 14-15 oz material, double sided material, installed, uninstalled, with one color, with two colors, or with drop shadows. When you enter the number of letters you will cut in the “vinyl letter section” of the program the software instantly calculates what to charge when applying those letters to a vehicle, a boat, a storefront, or what to charge for just the letters. It also makes allowances for high performance vinyl and on location installations. Because of the spreadsheet design you can view all these prices at the same time making it easy to compare rates. Cutting graphics, artwork and printing digital prints are handled the same way.

Please note that nothing but Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 is required to open and use this program. All the necessary software to run and edit the spreadsheet is included. Since the program is written in Microsoft Excel/Lotus 123 format it can be easily added to , edited and modified in an infinite number of ways. Unlike other programs, if you don’t like the way something is calculated or the way something is set up you can easily change it. If you read through a basic book on Lotus 123 or Microsoft Excel you would have no problem editing this program to suit your needs. It is a very practical program that I use everyday in my shop.
If you do have Excel on your computer then you would use that to open the spreadsheet. Also, you can go to and use google’s free spreadsheet software to open the quickquote spreadsheet. If you use the google system you will be able to access the spreadsheet no matter where you are.