Sign Pricing Program – SIGN CALC (Instant Download)

SIGN-CALC SIGN PRICING SPREADSHEET (see picture of program below) Now includes our Sign Shop Marketing Guide !

Note –  Sign Calc prints quotes and invoices whereas Quick Quote does not.  However, Quick Quote pricing is more detailed.

This program is available as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD and is easily installed and ready to use in minutes. Along with the program are instructions on how to install and use the software and how to easily edit data to customize the program to your market. This is a program that no sign shop should be without.

The cost of the program is $24.99. When you order online with paypal you will immediately be sent to a folder that will contain the zip file for the program. Simply download the file to your desktop and extract it and you are ready to start pricing signs. If you have any questions you can email me at or call 850-934-3157.

To order our SIGN-CALC Pricing Spreadsheet for $24.99 with paypal click below:


After paying your will be taken to a download page where you can download the Sign-calc files.

This program was written to provide Sign and Vinyl Graphics Shops with a tool that will allow them to price, quote and invoice jobs using one simple program. This is a spreadsheet based program that is simple to use and simple to edit. The program comes with prices based on national averages already entered. However, these prices are easily increased or decreased based upon your market. The program takes the amount you enter and calculates a price and then automatically transfers the pricing information to a proposal page and an invoice page for easy printing. (see picture below) To use the program just extract all the program files into a directory on your desktop and open the signcalc.xls spreadsheet file. Then to set the program up you simply update the prices and put in your company information. After you do this you save the program and you are ready to start using it.

Also, the spreadsheet has line items called other that can be renamed to any other service you provide. Other categories can also be easily changed.

An image of the program can be seen below. The image displays all three pages of the spreadsheet at one time. In the program the three pages are accessed one at a time by clicking on a tab at the bottom of the page. As you can see it is a very easy program to use.

The spreadsheet can be opened using the freeware spreadsheet reader provided with the package, Excel or Lotus 123. I recommend either the free reader or excel. It runs on any Windows 95,98,2000,XP,Vista or Windows 7 or 8 based computer. It also runs on MAC machines that have excel installed.

To use the program you simply fill in the blanks on the data entry page with information pertaining to the customer and the job. The program applies your pricing to the data you put in and AUTOMATICALLY transfers it to the proposal page (page 2) and the invoice page (page 3). At the bottom of page one (data entry page) you will see that the program also gives you the opportunity while you are pricing to apply an additional discount. This is a useful tool that lets you lower a price without having to go in and change your rates. I find this to also be a good marketing tool.

Keep in mind that you can print only the page you want. If the customer does not need a proposal you would just click on the tab for page 3 and print the invoice only. This is what I normally do. The proposal page is great for when you need to bid a job.

As I mentioned before the program has line items marked “other” that can be changed to anything you wish. Other categories can also be renamed very easily.

As you enter customers, you can save each spreadsheet using that customers name as the file name. This gives you a permanent record of the job. This is very useful for marketing purposes. Also, if the customer needs your services again, (and they will) you will already have their information on your computer. I have tried to make it very flexible.

I also include a separate spreadsheet file that contains BLANK proposal and invoice pages that you can print and keep with your for times when you do not have access to a computer.

I have provided a good image so that you can see for yourself what the program looks like and what it offers. The program saves me a lot of time and keeps me much more organized. I am the creator of the spreadsheet and I support what I sell. If you have any suggestions for improvement to the program please let me know Also, keep in mind that when you buy this spreadsheet you will get our Quickquote spreadsheet also at no additional charge.

The picture below shows all three sheets of the spreadsheet.  The first is the data entry sheet.  You access the other two by clicking on tabs at the botton of the spreadsheet.  The 2nd and 3rd sheets are filled out automatically.


Sign Pricing Program – QUICK QUOTE (Instant Download)

QUICK-QUOTE SIGN PRICING SPREADSHEET(see picture of program below) Now includes our free Sign Shop Marketing Guide !

Note – Sign Calc prints quotes and invoices whereas Quick Quote does not. However, Quick Quote pricing is more detailed.

This program is available as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD and is easily installed and ready to use in minutes. Along with the program are instructions on how to install and use the software and how to easily edit data to customize the program to your market. This is a program that no sign shop should be without.

The cost of the program is $24.99. When you order online with paypal you will immediately be sent to a folder that will contain the zip file for the program. Simply download the file to your desktop and extract it and you are ready to start pricing signs.

As a bonus, when you order our Quick Quote spreadsheet you will be able to download our Signcalc spreadsheet for free!  There is no need to order both.  If you have any questions you can email me at or call 850-934-3157.

To order our Quickquote Pricing Spreadsheet for $24.99 with a paypal click below:


After paying your will be taken to a download page where you can download the Quickquote and Signcalc files.

Some of the updates to our Quick Quote program are:

-New easier to use layout. We have updated the layout to make Quick Quote even easier to use than before.  The program runs on Windows 95,98,2000,XP,Vista or Windows 7 and will run on a Macintosh if the Mac has Excel installed. Windows users do not need Excel since the package comes with a shareware spreadsheet reader for Windows.

-New sign categories. We now have more sign categories as well as an additional line labeled “other” that can be used for an additional category of your choice. Everything is already set up. Just enter the type of sign and then enter the factors for that sign in the input area. Takes only seconds.

-Letter size calculator designed to calculate the size letter needed for maximum impact. You simply enter the distance that the reader will be from the sign and the program gives you the minimum letter size necessary and the size needed for maximum impact.

-Marketing Effectiveness Analysis Module. Enter the number of people who found you using the yellow pages, newspaper, word of mouth, signs etc.. and the program will give you the percentage of your total traffic that each category brings in. This is a great tool when budgeting your advertising dollars.

-Labor Plus Materials Calculator. Using this calculator you can quickly price literally any job. All you need to know is how much your materials will cost you and how many minutes it will take you to do the job. The spreadsheet applies a multiplier to the materials and adds a labor charge to arrive at a final price. It is a fool proof pricing method. I use it as a backup for anything that cannot be priced using square foot values.

Here is some more information on our program:

One of the most tedious tasks in signmaking is the calculation of prices for customers. While the customer waits the signmaker has to fumble through little books and use a hand calculator in an attempt to calculate a price. If the customer then asks for the sign to be priced a different way, they have to go through the whole routine again. Often this process makes the signmaker look uncertain of themselves. Additionally, prices are often quoted too high or low resulting in either a lost customer or lost money.

We have developed an easy to use sign pricing program that makes pricing signs, banners, vinyl lettering jobs and digital printing work as easy as 123. To use the program you simply enter the square footage of your sign or the number of letters you are cutting and let the program do the rest. The program will price a specific sign 5 different ways for you. For digital prints or vinyl graphics you simply enter the dimensions of the print or graphic and the program will price the graphic 7 different ways instantly. The program takes only seconds to pull up and only a split second to calculate a sign price. Best of all the program allows you to edit prices to match your market. The default prices in the program are taken from national averages.

The software is broken down into 4 sections; most common signs, vinyl lettering, graphics and artwork, and digital printing. Within these sections each sign type is priced instantly several ways giving you all the information you need to quickly respond to your customer.

The program is written using an excel spreadsheet format so the user can see everything that is going on at one time. For example, when you enter the square footage for a banner you are instantly given the price for that banner using 10 oz material, 14-15 oz material, double sided material, installed, uninstalled, with one color, with two colors, or with drop shadows. When you enter the number of letters you will cut in the “vinyl letter section” of the program the software instantly calculates what to charge when applying those letters to a vehicle, a boat, a storefront, or what to charge for just the letters. It also makes allowances for high performance vinyl and on location installations. Because of the spreadsheet design you can view all these prices at the same time making it easy to compare rates. Cutting graphics, artwork and printing digital prints are handled the same way.

Please note that nothing but Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 is required to open and use this program. All the necessary software to run and edit the spreadsheet is included. Since the program is written in Microsoft Excel/Lotus 123 format it can be easily added to , edited and modified in an infinite number of ways. Unlike other programs, if you don’t like the way something is calculated or the way something is set up you can easily change it. If you read through a basic book on Lotus 123 or Microsoft Excel you would have no problem editing this program to suit your needs. It is a very practical program that I use everyday in my shop.
If you do have Excel on your computer then you would use that to open the spreadsheet. Also, you can go to and use google’s free spreadsheet software to open the quickquote spreadsheet. If you use the google system you will be able to access the spreadsheet no matter where you are.


How To Start a Business Card Business

Every couple of days I will get a call from someone wanting business cards.  The problem with turning them away is that they may be potential customers for signs also.  If they go somewhere else then that shop will most likely get all their business.  The easiest way to solve this problem is to purchase some basic equipment so that you can print and cut business cards.  You don’t have to be able to produce all the fancy cards but a basic setup will satisfy most customers.  Here is what you need.

First, you will need a basic full color printer.  I use an HP but Epson also makes several nice models. Get one that has large ink cartridges.  This will save you a bundle in the long run.  Most printers can handle card stock easily so this should not be a problem.  If you are going to print lots of cards I suggest you get the extended warranty that offers a free replacement if something goes wrong.  Lots of printing can wear out a printer and the warranty will often pay off.

Second, you will need a supply of cardstock.  White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Light Blue are some good colors.  Nothing too dark since this will make your printing invisible.

Third, you need a software program for designing the cards.  Microsoft word will work.  To see our article on how to print business cards using Microsoft Word  Click Here.  There are many good programs out there.  Pick one that makes you job simple.  Use google to find some reviews on the most popular programs before making your selection.

Fourth, you need a business card cutter or slitter.  This is a machine that will quickly cut 8.5 x 11 cardstock into the business cards.  We have some reviews on the more popular models on this site.

That is really all you need.  Even if the customer later on gets someone to do fancier cards you will at least have your foot in the door to do their signs by that time.


Discount Vinyl Sign Cutters / Plotters ( CAD )

There are several brands of vinyl sign cutters sold in the US. My favorite two brands are Roland and Graphtec. Signwarehouse has a series of cutters made by Graphtec that are also good machines. The key is good service and a good warranty along with a good price. The machines below are priced very well and are all quality machines capable of commercial work. The small hobby machines are good for small sign jobs or at home crafts. When you buy your machine, make sure to get the best software package that you can in the bundle.  You will never be sorry for spending extra money on better software.  Also, we have a vector art store at the following link.  CLICK HERE.

Discount Vector Graphics Clip Art for Sign Shops and Signmaking

Free vector art is available all over the internet. The problem is that you may not find the free art you need. Or it may not be in the correct format. Or it may take you all day to find it. That is why I like to keep a nice collection in my shop ready to go.

Here is our collection of affordable vector art collections. Most of these collections have tons of vector art in them. Keep in mind that you can use an entire image or pick out pieces that you want from that image. In my Flexi Sign program I just select “convert to outlines” and this allows me to pull out pieces to use in my sign. It is simple and no matter which program you use you will be able to figure it out. For example, I needed a palm tree for a lawn care sign. I found a tropical vector scene, selected “convert to outlines”, selected the palm tree, and pasted it into my sign. Simple as that. I like to keep a fairly large collection of clipart available so that customers can go through and pick what they like. People like selection.

To go to our discount vinyl cutter store CLICK HERE.

Free Street / Stop Sign and Handicap Logo Vector / Clip Art for Signmakers

Here is a collection of free sign making vector art saved in a flexi sign and adobe illustrator format.  The collection contains directional arrows, a stop sign, a bike lane sign, a kangaroo sign, a deer crossing sign,man crossing street and a kids crossing street signs in vector format. The sign art can be used for any project you choose.  We ask that you do not resell or redistribute the graphics commercially.

To down load the files just click on the link below and down load the zip file.  In the file will be two files in ai and fs format. Good luck with your business.

To download our Street Sign, Stop Sign, Deer Crossing and other Sign Making Vector Art / Clip Art Collection CLICK HERE

Free Giraffe Gecko Bird Shark Vector Sign Clip Art

This free vector art / sign art collection includes a giraffe, gecko, shark and a bird.  There are two downloadable files below.  One is an adobe illustrator format and the other is a flexi sign format.

You may download the files and use them any application you choose.  You may not resell the images or vector files. To use the files you will need adobe illustrator or a sign cutting program like Flexi Sign.

To download our Animal Sign Making Vector Art / Clip Art Collection CLICK HERE

Mimaki CJV30 24″ 40″ 54″ 64″ Solvent Color Printer Cutter Review

The amazing Mimaki CJV30 series printer cutters can increase your productivity and profit potential  by integrating printing and cutting tasks into one device.  There are 4 main models with print widths ranging from 24″ to 64″.  (Model CJV30 – 60, 100, 130, 160) Several unique features provide for continuous unattended printing and contour cutting.  Features of this machine include.

  • Continuous Crop Mark Detection which increases machine cutting accuracy.
  • Automatic Media Clamp Function which allows for uninterrupted printing and cutting.
  • Unique High density, fast drying white ink broadens the applications that the machine can accomplish.
  • An Uninterrupted Ink Supply System facilitates continuous unattended printing.
  • Up to 1440 dots per inch resolution
  • 3 Printing speeds.  720 dpi, 1080 dpi and 1440 dpi.
  • Cutting speeds of up to 11.8 inches per second.
  • Simple Studio and Fine Cut software included for easy sticker making.
  • For professional users, Raster Link Pro4 SG RIP is included as standard.

Prices for the Mimaki CJV30 machines range from $13,000 for the 24″ model to $25,000 for the 64″ model.  Mimaki is a respected brand and is known to give years of dependable service. This machine gets a high rating from our staff.

The video below shows the Mimaki in use.

Free Vector Silhouettes Art / Graphics / Clipart for Sign Shops

Free vector art sites can provide a valuable source of clipart that can be cut with a vinyl cutter and integrated into signs and graphics designs.  Silhouettes are fairly easy to find in vector format and if necessary are easy to convert from a jpg format to vector with most sign design programs. Here are some links to free silhouette vector art and clipart for signmakers.

Some of the vector graphics on these sites may be difficult to open with your sign program or via adobe illustrator. A solution is to bring the file into adobe photoshop, convert it to a black and white image, bring it into your sign program, and do an autotrace. Then you just have to clean it up a little.

Free Corporate Logos Vector Art for Signs and Graphics

Free Corporate or Company Vector Art (sign art / graphics) are valuable to a signmaker for more than just the ability to recreate the logo for that company.  Each vector graphic contains components that can be used as an example to recreate other art.  For example, a company logo may contain a cloud or a star or an eagle along with other components.  By converting to lines using your sign making software, you can pull out different components such as a star, an eagle, or a cloud and use that as an example to create your own vector design.  You would then be able to use that component in your design.  Keep copyright laws in mind when using art that belongs to someone else.

To go to the Logotypes Corporate Logos Vector Art website CLICK HERE

Free Dog Canine Vector Art / Clip Art for Signs

    Free Dog / Canine Vector Art Collection for Sign Makers

Vector graphics are an important part of a sign makers design system. Most fancy or complex signs involve some type of graphic in the design. Pre-made sign art can be used as it is or separated into components for integration into designs. This page contains our free dog sign graphics / vector art collection for sign makers. The link below is a zip file that contains two files. One is our dog / canine vector graphics in an adobe illustrator format and the other is the same thing but in a sign mate (roland) format. The picture below shows the sign art that is in the file.

To download our Dog / Canine Sign Making Vector Art / Clip Art Collection CLICK HERE

This collection contains german shepherd vector graphics, doberman pinscher vector art, poodle, greyhound, dachshund, collie vector art / clipart, bloodhound vector graphics, boxer vector art, and a collie vector sign art plus more.

Free Nautical Marine Sign Vector Graphics / Clip Art

    Free Nautical / Marine Vector Art Collection for Sign Makers

Vector graphics are the heart of a sign makers design system. Especially when it comes to fancier more complicated signs. Pre-made vector art can be modified or separated into components for integration into signs or used as is. This page contains our free nautical sign graphics / vector art collection for sign makers. The link below is a zip file that contains two files. One is our nautical vector graphics in an adobe illustrator format and the other is the same thing but in a sign mate (roland) format. The picture below shows the sign art that is in the file.

To download our Nautical and Marine Sign Making Vector Art / Clip Art Collection CLICK HERE

This collection contains pelican vector art, sailboat vector art, fishing vector art, an outboard motor,  whale vector/clip art, ship clip/vector art, a palm tree, and a ships wheel vector graphics image.

Mimaki JFX 1615 1631 Flatbed Printer

Mimaki now makes two eco friendly flatbed printers that are able to print directly onto hard substrates like coreplast. The first is the model JFX 1615 which prints on media 63″ x 59″. The second Mimaki is the larger JFX 1631 which prints on media that is up to 63″ x 122″. That is a sheet of coreplast over 5′ x 10′. Imaging simply loading a 4 x 8 coreplast blank into a printer and pulling out a completed sign. No more cutting, weeding and transfer taping vinyl. Just load and print. This is truly the future of signmaking.

Each machine features an intelligent dual feeding mechanism that revolutionizes flatbed printing by allowing for an ultra precise ink dot placement which reduces banding and prints legible text as small as 3pt. The Mimaki JFX machines also feature instantaneous ink drying with UV LED curing, a post curing unit which increases speed by 80% and the ability to print on media up to 2″ thick. An optional roller attachment is also available.

These amazing machines cost around $100,000 each and are recommended only for high production shops. Also, a lease may be the way to go with some type of upgrade option. Don’t buy a machine like this unless you intend on using it.

Summa DC4 SX Printer Cutter Plotter Review

The Summa DC4 SX Printer Cutter machines are rugged and capable systems. They utilize thermal ribbons and produce outdoor durable prints that can last up to 5 years. The durability of thermal ribbon prints is nearly double that of inkjet prints. Also, thermal machine prints do not need lamination.

The Summa DC4 is considered one of the best thermal transfer printers in the industry. At 54 inches it is the widest thermal transfer printer in the industry and over four times the width of its nearest competitor. An eight station ribbon changing mechanism eliminates the need for manual ribbon changes. This allows for unattended printing of up to 625 square feet. The machines handle various widths of vinyl making it the most versatile printer in its class. A Built in cutter makes it possible for you to contour cut graphics up to 50 inches wide on 50 yard media.

The Summa DC4 is a complete wide format print-and-cut system and includes the following.

Color Control RIP + Cut software
Power take-up rollers.
Media baskets
8 universal ribbon cassettes
A full set of CMYK ribbons
54-inch by 50 yard roll of high-performance 3M vinyl.

The Summa DC4 is ready to use. Just plug into a computer and start producing durable outdoor graphics.

Marketing / Advertising your Sign Shop Business

Owning the best equipment and providing great service is a great start. But to be successful, customers have to purchase your product. The process of reaching out to and obtaining customers is called marketing. Advertising is part of a marketing program but not the only part. Marketing covers everything from product development to following up on a sale. Developing and implementing a good marketing strategy is an important process for a successful business. This process begins as you start your business, and it must remain an ongoing process throughout the life of your business. To be successful you must work out a good marketing plan !

Marketing your sign shop has to be effective but does not have to be expensive. By properly researching your market you can create a successful marketing strategy with a reasonable budget. There are several steps you must take to create and implement a marketing plan. Some only involve a little time and effort. The steps are as follows:

1. Identify your competition – Research your marketplace and determine what type of competition you have. Pay particular attention to a 2 mile radius around your location. Shops within this area will be your main competition. Determine what each shops capability is and what services they offer. Also, determine what their prices are. (this will help you set your prices) As you do this see if you can identify any gaps in service. Products that customers want but are not available from your competition.

In doing your analysis, include the following steps:

Call around and get rates from other sign shops.
Find out how they advertise.
Check local papers for advertising.
Check the yellow pages.
Check the business section of newspapers for advertising
Ask yourself why would you or wouldn’t you use them if you were a customer.

2. Identify potential customers – At some point everyone needs a sign and theoretically everyone could be considered a potential customer. However, when developing a marketing plan you need to determine who your primary customer is going to be and how you will reach them. This will be based on the type of customer and their location. (focus mainly on customers that are in about a 2 mile radius) This determination will also depend upon the capabilities of your shop and what types of customers you want to attract.

Some examples of customer types would be individuals, real estate companies, small businesses, large companies, government agencies, schools, booster clubs, churches, car dealers, industrial complexes, race car drivers, boat owners, car clubs, etc..

3. Market based on your Specialty – Since you can not effectively specialize in every area of the graphics industry you will have to determine which ones are right for you and your shop given your goals and abilities. For example, if you only have a vinyl cutter then you are not going to be able to service customers who want screen printed signs. Most shops tend to specialize in a certain type or types of signs. For example, some shops do a lot of sandblasted signs while others do laser or mechanical engraving. Others specialize in full color graphics, vehicle graphics, large banners, etc… By specializing in a certain area of your industry you differentiate yourself from your competitors. Decreased competition means increased profit margins. This is also called finding your niche.

4. Prepare your Marketing Materials – At this point you should begin preparing your business cards, flyers, letters of introduction, etc.. You will use these items in varying degrees for all potential customers. Make sure everything is professional as customers will relate the marketing material to the quality of your work.

5. Implement your Marketing Program – When a shop specializes in a particular area they will end up serving two basic groups of customers. A broad group and a targeted group.

The first customer you should try to reach is what I call a broad base customer. This customer base purchases the full spectrum of signs and basically includes everyone. To this group you will sell everything from garage sale signs to window lettering to event banners. Marketing for this group is done using a broad approach such as yellow pages, newspaper ads, google local business ads, signs, banners, cards on bulletin boards, etc.. This is often called the shotgun approach. Using this type of advertising will get you a wide variety of calls and you will have to filter the customers based upon your shops specialties.

The second group is a targeted group. These are either customers that match your shops specialty or customers that you specifically want to target for other reasons. This would be a customer like a racing team that needed graphics for their cars. Or a real estate agent that needed real estate signs. Also in this group would be any large organizations that you specifically want to reach such as hospitals, schools, factories, etc.. To reach these customers you would use a targeted approach which simply involves more direct contact via cold calling or a marketing package. Think of it as a rifle versus a shotgun. Much more targeted.

In summary, a good sign shop will target the types of customers it wants and at the same time utilize broad based advertising to bring in constant general sign work. One is the type of work they want to do and the other is filler work so that the shop is always staying busy.

Roland Versacamm SP-300i 540i Review

For people looking for an economical way to get into wide format printing and cutting, the Roland Versacamm SP-300i and 540i may be the answer. These entry level machines combine real quality and performance. The design of the all-new compact Roland SP-i printer/cutter series machines reflects an effort to provide quality, production and economy in one package. Roland is one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry and has been producing quality cutters and print/cut combo machines for well over a decade. The SP-300i lists for $12,495 and the SP-540i lists for $17,895. When purchasing any machine like this make sure to at least attempt to have some design software included in your purchase. The seller has an incentive to make you happy and since you are spending so much money the time to get a deal on accessories and software is at the time of purchase. Not after.

Available in 30” and 54” models, the VersaCAMM SP-300i and 540i is the perfect tool for creating beautiful decals, labels, banners, posters, vehicle and floor graphics, apparel decoration and just about any sign you can imagine. Here are the specifications on these machines:

30” and 54” wide-format inkjet printer/cutters
Roland Intelligent Pass Control for outstanding print quality and increased productivity
Outdoor durability of prints – 3 years (longer when laminated)
ECO‐SOL MAX eco-solvent ink
1440 x 720 dpi resolution
Uncoated media support
Heavy‐duty media handling system supports heavier rolls
SP-300i – up to 44 lbs.
SP-540i – up to 66 lbs.
VersaWorks 3.2 RIP software
Integrated heater system
Ethernet connectivity
Automated maintenance system with redesigned maintenance cover
Optional take‐up system

The VersaCAMM SP-300i and 540i systems are considered the industry’s most versatile entry-level device, combining 4-color printing and contour cutting all in one device. This allows the user to print a decal and contour cut around it in one operation. Roland Intelligent Pass Control technology practically eliminates banding by optimizing masking patterns and dot placement at the edges of each printer head pass. All while offering print speeds that are up to 50 percent faster than the previous models in Standard print mode. The video below shows the machine in action.

Ioline Smartrac I/S 60 85 110 130 Plotter Cutter

Ioline SmarTrac I/S machines are high-performance sign plotters designed to handle heavy workloads and a variety of jobs ranging from vinyl signs to sandblast mask. All machines feature Ioline’s smart track technology for long runs. They employ powerful servo motor and the smart track system ensures accurate tracking and continual trouble free operation. A high-speed processor and 1 megabyte buffer give the SmarTrac the power to blaze through even complex files. The Ioline systems carry one of the longest 100% warranties in the industry and also have lifetime technical support.

The Ioline Smartrac comes in 4 models. The I/S 60 which is a 25″ model and can handle up to 28″ wide material. The I/S 85 which is a 31″ cutter and can handle up to 34″ wide material. The I/S 110 which is a 41″ cutter and can handle 44″ wide material. Lastly, the I/S 130 which is a 49″ cutter and can handle 52″ wide material. All can cut material as narrow as 3″. The machines are simple and do not come with fancy LCD displays. The buttons on the front are functional and easy to understand. All models can cut everything from standard sign vinyl to thick sandblast or glass etching resist up to 35 mils thick.

There’s relatively little to maintain on the SmarTrac.
– Lubrication: There is no oiling or lubrication required. Wipe dust and lint off the machine periodically.
– Blades: Simply use an air gun to remove lint that builds up around the blade.
– Proven performance: Friction-free head tested nonstop for 300,000,000 cycles which is the equivalent of twenty years of normal shop use.
– Maintenance-free design: The actuator is not susceptible to bearing failure and the servo motor is sealed and enclosed. This eliminates the need for periodic adjustment.
– Quality components: The Ioline is Manufactured in United States with 95% of the parts also being U.S. made.

Roland Stika Vinyl Sign Plotter / Cutter Review

The Roland Stika is a portable vinyl plotter / cutter designed for the home user or small office. The can be used in a commercial shop but are not designed for high production work. For what they are designed for they are great and very inexpensive.

The STIKA is available in three models. The SV8, SV12 and SV15. The SV-8 accepts 8.5″ wide material and cuts up to 6.2″ wide. The SV-12 accepts 12″ wide material and cuts up to 9.8″ wide. The SV-15 accepts 12″ – 15″ material and will cut up to 13.3 inches wide. All of the Roland Stika sign cutters will handle adhesive vinyl, paint mask, reflective vinyls, twill, heat transfer material, and etching resist.

The STIKA machines, in addition to cutting vinyl and other materials, make an easy-to-use and cost-effective print/cut solution. You can print a design with your desktop printer and along with that design print registration marks. Then you load the printed graphic into the cutter and send the file to the STIKA. The little cutter will contour cut the graphics. It is a great solution for creating colorful POP displays, decals and iron ons.

Here is an informative video on the Sticka from Roland DGA.

The video below is also from Roland DGA and covers making a vinyl decal for a glass window.