Installing Vinyl Letters on a Glass Window

Installing vinyl graphics on glass is very simple. The videos below cover application only. We will cover cutting, weeding and transfer taping adhesive vinyl graphics in a different article.  The first video below demonstates the process by using an application fluid and the hinge method.  The application fluid makes the application process a little more forgiving but remember that since glass is porous, you may have to wait a little while for the application fluid to evaporate before you can remove the transfer paper.  Applying dry using the hinge method would be the same process but with the application fluid.  The dry method will allow you to remove the transfer tape immediately after squeegeeing.

The next video demonstrates the wet application using no hinge. In this video Rapid Tac II application fluid is used. I use this product and it works well. It is also good for cleaning the surface.

The nice thing about signs on glass is that you only have to supply the vinyl and not the substrate. Your profit margin on a glass sign is higher because of this.