Mimaki CJV30 24″ 40″ 54″ 64″ Solvent Color Printer Cutter Review

The amazing Mimaki CJV30 series printer cutters can increase your productivity and profit potential  by integrating printing and cutting tasks into one device.  There are 4 main models with print widths ranging from 24″ to 64″.  (Model CJV30 – 60, 100, 130, 160) Several unique features provide for continuous unattended printing and contour cutting.  Features of this machine include.

  • Continuous Crop Mark Detection which increases machine cutting accuracy.
  • Automatic Media Clamp Function which allows for uninterrupted printing and cutting.
  • Unique High density, fast drying white ink broadens the applications that the machine can accomplish.
  • An Uninterrupted Ink Supply System facilitates continuous unattended printing.
  • Up to 1440 dots per inch resolution
  • 3 Printing speeds.  720 dpi, 1080 dpi and 1440 dpi.
  • Cutting speeds of up to 11.8 inches per second.
  • Simple Studio and Fine Cut software included for easy sticker making.
  • For professional users, Raster Link Pro4 SG RIP is included as standard.

Prices for the Mimaki CJV30 machines range from $13,000 for the 24″ model to $25,000 for the 64″ model.  Mimaki is a respected brand and is known to give years of dependable service. This machine gets a high rating from our staff.

The video below shows the Mimaki in use.

Summa DC4 SX Printer Cutter Plotter Review

The Summa DC4 SX Printer Cutter machines are rugged and capable systems. They utilize thermal ribbons and produce outdoor durable prints that can last up to 5 years. The durability of thermal ribbon prints is nearly double that of inkjet prints. Also, thermal machine prints do not need lamination.

The Summa DC4 is considered one of the best thermal transfer printers in the industry. At 54 inches it is the widest thermal transfer printer in the industry and over four times the width of its nearest competitor. An eight station ribbon changing mechanism eliminates the need for manual ribbon changes. This allows for unattended printing of up to 625 square feet. The machines handle various widths of vinyl making it the most versatile printer in its class. A Built in cutter makes it possible for you to contour cut graphics up to 50 inches wide on 50 yard media.

The Summa DC4 is a complete wide format print-and-cut system and includes the following.

Color Control RIP + Cut software
Power take-up rollers.
Media baskets
8 universal ribbon cassettes
A full set of CMYK ribbons
54-inch by 50 yard roll of high-performance 3M vinyl.

The Summa DC4 is ready to use. Just plug into a computer and start producing durable outdoor graphics.

Roland Versacamm SP-300i 540i Review

For people looking for an economical way to get into wide format printing and cutting, the Roland Versacamm SP-300i and 540i may be the answer. These entry level machines combine real quality and performance. The design of the all-new compact Roland SP-i printer/cutter series machines reflects an effort to provide quality, production and economy in one package. Roland is one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry and has been producing quality cutters and print/cut combo machines for well over a decade. The SP-300i lists for $12,495 and the SP-540i lists for $17,895. When purchasing any machine like this make sure to at least attempt to have some design software included in your purchase. The seller has an incentive to make you happy and since you are spending so much money the time to get a deal on accessories and software is at the time of purchase. Not after.

Available in 30” and 54” models, the VersaCAMM SP-300i and 540i is the perfect tool for creating beautiful decals, labels, banners, posters, vehicle and floor graphics, apparel decoration and just about any sign you can imagine. Here are the specifications on these machines:

30” and 54” wide-format inkjet printer/cutters
Roland Intelligent Pass Control for outstanding print quality and increased productivity
Outdoor durability of prints – 3 years (longer when laminated)
ECO‐SOL MAX eco-solvent ink
1440 x 720 dpi resolution
Uncoated media support
Heavy‐duty media handling system supports heavier rolls
SP-300i – up to 44 lbs.
SP-540i – up to 66 lbs.
VersaWorks 3.2 RIP software
Integrated heater system
Ethernet connectivity
Automated maintenance system with redesigned maintenance cover
Optional take‐up system

The VersaCAMM SP-300i and 540i systems are considered the industry’s most versatile entry-level device, combining 4-color printing and contour cutting all in one device. This allows the user to print a decal and contour cut around it in one operation. Roland Intelligent Pass Control technology practically eliminates banding by optimizing masking patterns and dot placement at the edges of each printer head pass. All while offering print speeds that are up to 50 percent faster than the previous models in Standard print mode. The video below shows the machine in action.