Mimaki JFX 1615 1631 Flatbed Printer

Mimaki now makes two eco friendly flatbed printers that are able to print directly onto hard substrates like coreplast. The first is the model JFX 1615 which prints on media 63″ x 59″. The second Mimaki is the larger JFX 1631 which prints on media that is up to 63″ x 122″. That is a sheet of coreplast over 5′ x 10′. Imaging simply loading a 4 x 8 coreplast blank into a printer and pulling out a completed sign. No more cutting, weeding and transfer taping vinyl. Just load and print. This is truly the future of signmaking.

Each machine features an intelligent dual feeding mechanism that revolutionizes flatbed printing by allowing for an ultra precise ink dot placement which reduces banding and prints legible text as small as 3pt. The Mimaki JFX machines also feature instantaneous ink drying with UV LED curing, a post curing unit which increases speed by 80% and the ability to print on media up to 2″ thick. An optional roller attachment is also available.

These amazing machines cost around $100,000 each and are recommended only for high production shops. Also, a lease may be the way to go with some type of upgrade option. Don’t buy a machine like this unless you intend on using it.