Summa DC4 SX Printer Cutter Plotter Review

The Summa DC4 SX Printer Cutter machines are rugged and capable systems. They utilize thermal ribbons and produce outdoor durable prints that can last up to 5 years. The durability of thermal ribbon prints is nearly double that of inkjet prints. Also, thermal machine prints do not need lamination.

The Summa DC4 is considered one of the best thermal transfer printers in the industry. At 54 inches it is the widest thermal transfer printer in the industry and over four times the width of its nearest competitor. An eight station ribbon changing mechanism eliminates the need for manual ribbon changes. This allows for unattended printing of up to 625 square feet. The machines handle various widths of vinyl making it the most versatile printer in its class. A Built in cutter makes it possible for you to contour cut graphics up to 50 inches wide on 50 yard media.

The Summa DC4 is a complete wide format print-and-cut system and includes the following.

Color Control RIP + Cut software
Power take-up rollers.
Media baskets
8 universal ribbon cassettes
A full set of CMYK ribbons
54-inch by 50 yard roll of high-performance 3M vinyl.

The Summa DC4 is ready to use. Just plug into a computer and start producing durable outdoor graphics.