Ioline Smartrac I/S 60 85 110 130 Plotter Cutter

Ioline SmarTrac I/S machines are high-performance sign plotters designed to handle heavy workloads and a variety of jobs ranging from vinyl signs to sandblast mask. All machines feature Ioline’s smart track technology for long runs. They employ powerful servo motor and the smart track system ensures accurate tracking and continual trouble free operation. A high-speed processor and 1 megabyte buffer give the SmarTrac the power to blaze through even complex files. The Ioline systems carry one of the longest 100% warranties in the industry and also have lifetime technical support.

The Ioline Smartrac comes in 4 models. The I/S 60 which is a 25″ model and can handle up to 28″ wide material. The I/S 85 which is a 31″ cutter and can handle up to 34″ wide material. The I/S 110 which is a 41″ cutter and can handle 44″ wide material. Lastly, the I/S 130 which is a 49″ cutter and can handle 52″ wide material. All can cut material as narrow as 3″. The machines are simple and do not come with fancy LCD displays. The buttons on the front are functional and easy to understand. All models can cut everything from standard sign vinyl to thick sandblast or glass etching resist up to 35 mils thick.

There’s relatively little to maintain on the SmarTrac.
– Lubrication: There is no oiling or lubrication required. Wipe dust and lint off the machine periodically.
– Blades: Simply use an air gun to remove lint that builds up around the blade.
– Proven performance: Friction-free head tested nonstop for 300,000,000 cycles which is the equivalent of twenty years of normal shop use.
– Maintenance-free design: The actuator is not susceptible to bearing failure and the servo motor is sealed and enclosed. This eliminates the need for periodic adjustment.
– Quality components: The Ioline is Manufactured in United States with 95% of the parts also being U.S. made.