ProCut CR-630 Vinyl Cutter Plotter Review

The Procut CR 630 Vinyl Cutter is a very low cost vinyl cutter with prices starting at $500 for the basic 25 inch model. Machines at this price range are normally made overseas (this model is made in China) making parts and service sometimes a little difficult to find. However, the price is hard to beat. For a starter machine it should suffice. Especially if you are on a tight budget.

Also, this machine is often packaged with a laptop and sign cutting software. I have seen packages as low as $1,250. This comes with a laptop, the cutter and vector software. A tempting deal.

Details on the Procut CR-630 are as follows:

Brand: ProCut
Model: CR630
Max Paper Width: 28.7” (730mm)
Max Cutting Width: 24.6” (625mm)
Max Cutting Speed 400 mm/s
Motherboard: 32-bit ARM7 CPU
Driver: PWM Micro Step Driver
Cutting Force: 0-800 Grams
Mechanism Precision : 0.05mm
Repeatability: <+-0.1mm Command Set: DMPL, HPGL Interface: USB Three Pinch Rollers Power Requirements: 110V AC Will cut up to 30 mil This video from is very informative and will give you an idea of how the machine performs.