Discount Vector Graphics Clip Art for Sign Shops and Signmaking

Free vector art is available all over the internet. The problem is that you may not find the free art you need. Or it may not be in the correct format. Or it may take you all day to find it. That is why I like to keep a nice collection in my shop ready to go.

Here is our collection of affordable vector art collections. Most of these collections have tons of vector art in them. Keep in mind that you can use an entire image or pick out pieces that you want from that image. In my Flexi Sign program I just select “convert to outlines” and this allows me to pull out pieces to use in my sign. It is simple and no matter which program you use you will be able to figure it out. For example, I needed a palm tree for a lawn care sign. I found a tropical vector scene, selected “convert to outlines”, selected the palm tree, and pasted it into my sign. Simple as that. I like to keep a fairly large collection of clipart available so that customers can go through and pick what they like. People like selection.

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